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Oh wow. I can't believe the time period between this new post… - 99 Problems Road [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
It's a me Mario!

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[Sep. 22nd, 2008|06:36 pm]
It's a me Mario!
[I'm Feeling |tiredtired]
[Track Spinning |The Presets - My People]

Oh wow. I can't believe the time period between this new post and the last one was about eight months ago. That is just insane.. however, I feel like I need to post a new entry on here just for me to look back in the future to see how I was doing. I feel like I have grown so much every time I posted an entry here on LJ. So the month of September 2008.. that last Spring semester was already over and so does the summer. This past summer was amazing, I get to go back to Thailand for a whole month vacation! I loved it there but obviously not as much as I love New York. Starting my third year in College is just so chaotic, I have so many assignments to do and sometimes I just want to lie down on the bed and do nothing all day. Needless to say, I barely have those kind of days now..

So right now I'm in a new relationship with this guy who I met during August and his name is Andrew. I actually take the time out to get to know him before jumping into anything serious. I really really like him so hopefully I can have a long healthy relationship with him. I'm just really grateful that he approached me, it's like he's the person that lifted me up off the ground. I really do not want to mess things up so I'm still going to take it slow, which means, giving him some free space instead of being the annoying boyfriend that always ask what are you doing? where are you at? Who are you with?... I always do that with others, I need to stop that... I'm just really tired right now and I still need to go to the gym later after a full absence from it last week. Adios. (Hopefully I'll update on LJ more often)


[User Picture]From: myjiveislikewo
2008-09-23 12:20 am (UTC)
yes! update more often and upgrade your layout! Amerie is a nobody now lol. Anyway glad to see you're finally over Rafi damn it took you years haha but it's nice to see you content with your new bf, at least someone feels loved right now -_-
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