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It's a me Mario!

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well well well [Mar. 16th, 2007|05:47 pm]
It's a me Mario!
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Looks like everyone had moved on, since I don't really see much of any journal entries (maybe Randy's). Right now, I'm pretty happy with my life with both love and college. Therefore, I want to say goodbye to this journal. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on my livejournal. Good luck with everyone, and I hope to talk to you guys sometimes. (especially the ones that left the forum and aim) Goodbye. =]

[User Picture]From: nazonatte69
2007-03-17 04:27 am (UTC)
:) *hug*
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[User Picture]From: myjiveislikewo
2007-03-26 07:55 pm (UTC)
aww! i'm gonna miss your entries! and i don't update that often! :-!
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